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Chuangying Series
"Chuangying" is Hua Xia Bank's series of RMB investment products with floating return.

Important Information:
Any expected return, calculated return and estimated return do not represent the actual return to the investor, neither the commitment by Hua Xia Bank on the return.

Risk Involved:
The investment products hereof is subject to investment risks and heavy loss might incurred. The customer should gain full knowledge of the investment risks and make prudent investment decisions.

Target Customers:
Sophisticated investors with good investment knowledge and perspective, having moderate to high risk tolerance.

How to subscribe?
During the subscription period, subscribe in person at Hua Xia outlet, personal identity document and Hua Xia Card for personal customers, business licence, Hua Xia card for institutional customers

Chuangying series are investment products of fixed term, early withdrawal or redemption is not allowed
Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.