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A tie-up card with both Hua Xia magnetic strip and commuter IC chip.

1. Two-in-One: Magnetic strip and IC chip in one card. Magnetic strip has all the functions of Hua Xia card. IC chip is a pass to take public transport, taxi, ferry or mass transit railway.
2. Used everywhere: No need to buy limited season tickets or prepare coins and changes whenever you take public transport, just top up at any Hua Xia outlets and self-service machines, anytime you please.

Interest and Fee:
Interest rate on the money, deposits and loans inside Hua Xia Commuter Pass (magnetic strip) follows PBC's regulations. Standard fees are charged for using Hua Xia banking services. No interest is accrued for money in the IC chip.

Applicable Clients:
Hua Xia Commutere Pass is very suitable for those who travel every day by public transport, as well as for those who deposit/draw cash, pay for shopping or bills. Currently, this service is only available in Nanjing, Jinan and Kunming.

Service Channels:
Magnetic stripe of the Hua Xia Comumter Pass is a bank card, banking services are available at the same customer service channels as for Hua Xia Classic Card. IC chip is used to pay for public transport fare. Add money into IC chip at any Hua Xia outlet, public transport office or self-service machine.

How to Apply?
1. Apply: At any Hua Xia outlet with document to verify your identity, fill in the necessary form.
2. Top up: At any Hua Xia outlet or other places by yourself, in integral multiples of RMB 10 each time, at least a certain amount must be remained in the IC chip. 
3. Report loss: If you lose your Hua Xia Commuter Pass or forget the password, the magnetic strip can be reported to be lost, the same procedure as reporting loss of Hua Xia card and password.
4. Cancel: At any Hua Xia outlet with your Hua Xia Commuter Pass and document to verify your identity once you decide to cancel.

1. Magnetic strip of the Hua Xia Commuter Pass - same Tips as for Hua Xia Classic Card.
2. No registration, no report of loss and no replacement for IC chip of the Hua Xia Commuter Pass. No refund on IC chip once sold. 
3. Currently, Hua Xia Commuter Pass is only available in Nanjing, Jinan and Kunming.

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.