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A personal loan tailored for borrowers in needs of money for daily spending or working capital Loan is released one-time based on the borrower's credit standing. The borrower applies within the revolving credit line and term approved by Hua Xia Bank. Once the loan approved by Hua Xia Bank, the borrower through Phone Banking, Internet Banking, self-service device, CUP POS can get the loan, repay, renew or check the loan, anytime, anywhere. This type of loan is well-suited for anyone in need of cash on sudden occasion. Types ofloan are personal consumer loan, loan for self-employed, private Loan and short-term personal loan.

Types of credit include general credit and dynamic pledge. General credit are for loansunder the collateral, pledge (certificate of deposit/treasury bond), guarantee or combinations. Dynamic pledge are for loans pledged under time deposit in the Hua Xia card. 

Loan starts at RMB 2000 and goes up to 95% of the pledge's face value. If apply the loan under the guarantee, the maximum credit given is 70% of the appraised value of the collateral, 50% of the appraised value in the case of commercial complexes, villas and high-class apartments.

1. Borrow and Lend under credit, manage wealth at one step. For personal financial, just use one Hua Xia card for deposit and withdrawal, loan, transfer and spending. For applying loan, personal deposit can be pledged, property can be mortgaged or guaranteed or combinations. Customers are easily brought into the concept to manage own asset and liabilities at ease.
2. Borrow in need of cash under revolving credit line. This is a loan specially designed for borrowers who are not certain when and how much to borrow. The procedure of granting the credit line is completed first. Hua Xia Bank registers the limit in the borrower’s Hua Xia card. Loan is released anytime when borrower applies. Once the loan repaid by the borrower, the original credit limit is recovered in the borrower’s Hua Xia card and can be used for applying loan again.
3. Backed by IT, apply anytime, anywhere by yourself. With the computer technology at play, borrower can now drawdown and repay loan anytime, anywhere. Once the formalities are completed, borrowers are free to apply, repay or check the loan via Phone Banking, 24-hour self-service banking, Internet Banking or Hua Xia Counter. Every step is done by yourself, borrow money is as easy as deposit money.

Applicable Clients:
Chinese residents with full civil capacity, have the permanent address, the permanent residence in the local city/town (or other proof of residence), the ability to produce guarantee, good credibility, stable income and job, and self-employed or private company holding the valid Business License issued by the Administration of Industry and Commerce.

Currency and Term:
Loan is released in RMB. Maximum term is 5 years.

Product Price:
Loan rate follows the PBC's rate and floating margin of the same term same class.

Service Channels: 
Hua Xia outlets offer services in consultancy, credit application, loan release and repayment, enquiry and printing. Self-services for loan application, repayment, enquiry and printing are available at Self-Service Enquiry Machine, Internet Banking and Phone Banking.

Application Documents:
Self-Service Loan application form; the borrower's document to verify the identity, Business License if self-employed; proof of showing the current address of the borrower and family (permanent residence booklet or utility (water, electricity, gas) bills issued recently); proof of job, income and family members (Staff ID and payroll slip or other valid documents); Use of pledge as the guarantee must surrender the ownership proof of the pledge; use of the third party's pledge must surrender the valid ID of the owner, Pledge Authorization Letter; use of the joint property as pledge must surrender written consent from the other co-owners; use of real estate as collateral must surrender Property Rights Certificate, insurance policy cover the collateral in full, appraisal report issued by the company recognized by Hua Xia Bank; use of property under the name of the direct relatives must also surrender the ID of the owner, mortgage authorization letter; use of the joint property as collateral must surrender written consent from the other co-owners; loan applied under guarantee must surrender the valid ID documents of the guarantor and his family members, proof of showing his current address and stable income; proof of using the loan.

Service Flows: 
1. Applicant submits an application for loan together with documents required.
2. Once approved, the borrower, guarantor and Hua Xia Bank sign the contract and go through the formalities for collateral/pledge.
3. Borrower applies the loan through self-service channel and enters the credit line.
4. Borrower collects the loan through self-service channel at Hua Xia counter, CUP POS, Self-Service Enquiry Machine, Phone Banking, or Internet Banking.
5. Borrower repays, checks or prints the loan through self-service channel at Hua Xia counter, Self-Service Enquiry Machine, Phone Banking or Internet Banking.
6. After the loan is settled, borrower closes the account and cancels the pledge/collateral through self-service channel.

Important Information:
1. Loan can be either under pledge, collateral, or guarantee or combinations.
2. Borrower who applies the loan for spending at POS must decide to sign up during application. Once signed up, the borrower must apply a loan through other channels first before using the remaining credit in dynamic pledge (loan applied under time deposit in the card as pledge) to pay spending at POS.
3. Borrower should check immediately the loan details every time after using the card to pay spending at POS. Loan will not be returned automatically for cancellation or refund. Borrower must take the initiative to repay. 
4. To avoid any loss arising from unsuccessful steps, after applying through Self-Service Enquiry Machine, Internet Banking or Phone Banking, check the balances to see if the loan is credited into the account. Check the loan details once repayment or renewal has completed. 
5. Borrower must make sure their Hua Xia card and password are safely kept from being used by others arising from loss, disclosure or theft. Password should be changed at regular times. If Hua Xia card is lost, report the loss to Hua Xia Bank at once.
6. Borrower can stop the loan contract in advance.
7. Registration, appraisal and insurance of the collateral are at the expense of the borrower.

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.