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“Housing Loan Link” are multi-purpose personal loans for buying house, car, retail spending or personal business. The loan is guaranteed by the third party’s real estate as collateral.

1. Your family has more cash for special expenses.
2. Multi-purpose, apply when you or your business needs cash. The loan can be used for buying house, car, home appliances, furniture, musical instrument, home furnishing, travel, medical, overseas study or education, or for working capital for your business. 
3. Tailored to your actual need. No ceiling on the credit line, flexible term and repayment. One special point about the loan is that it can be applied by yourself, anytime, anywhere, easy steps.
4. Different housing mortgage options. Any house, apartment, villa, shop, office, whether your own or others, can be used as mortgage, as long as the property has clear title and can be traded in the public.
5. High mortgage rate to turn your asset into cash. Residential units can be mortgaged up to 80%, 60% in the case of commercial complexes.
6. Easy steps, quick approval and drawdown. Just supply the necessary information. Hua Xia Bank will approve the loan in 5 working days. Loans will be released once the mortgage formalities are completed.

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.