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Under the approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), Hua Xia Bank started its Fund Investment Service in November 2004. Since then, the service gathered momentum in terms of number, type and size of funds offered and scored over 200,000 customers, who all enjoy handsome return and build up wealth from the investment through.       

Strength of Hua Xia approach is the “Serve, Listen and Professional” which is based on the premise that quality service is of paramount importance to win the support of customers. In 2008, after a radical gear up, Hua Xia Bank launches a marketing campaign - “Buy Fund, at Hua Xia, Get all F8” to promote 8 new services, as below:    

(I) Rational Investment: Hua Xia Bank’s Fund Sales System changes a new face in a recent full upgrade. By incorporating industry-first risk assessment function to assess the risk level of fund and attune to the client’s appetite for risk, the new system helps investors to pick the right choice. The system truly reflects that Hua Xia is committed to win every customer by staying close to CSRC’s requirement: “Sell funds differently according to investors” risk preferences.”        

(II) Monthly Saving Plan: A newly-launched service designed to reduce risk by investing a set sum at pre-determined regular intervals, in tune with your personal needs and investment goal. Customers are free to choose the deduction date (every month from the 1st day to the 28th) and cycle.  

(III) Smart Tool: use one Hua Xia Card anytime to switch between three investment vehicles - fund, gold, stock – to enjoy all the investment services offered. 

(IV) Best Pick: To enhance the line up of funds available in Hua Xia pool in terms of number, type and quality, Hua Xia is going to enlist A-class fund management companies and include best-of-breed and innovative fund products to at least 100 by the end of 2008.

(V) 24-hour Non-stop: With our next-generation Fund System fully upgraded, Hua Xia Internet Banking and Phone Banking are now slated to be among the best in the industry. The two Hua Xia electronic platforms offer complete, convenient and tailored services for all investors to subscribe, buy or redeem funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or submit orders during off-trading hours (processed automatically on the next dealing day). Just pick up the phone or do a few clicks, buy anytime, anywhere.

(VI) e-Rate: Starting from November 5, 2007, Hua Xia Bank offers discount privilege up to 40% to customers who choose to buy equity funds through Internet Banking to reduce transaction cost. 

(VII) Act Now: Included in our next-generation Fund System is a function for automatic opening of Fund A/C. All you need is to sign the agreement, Hua Xia system will do the rest, easy, quick.

(VIII) Market Watch: Latest quotes, news, charts and insights are all available at Hua Xia Bank’s website, delivered by Hua Xia’s selected group of information providers.  

We are committed, we “Serve, Listen and Professional”. We – a network of over 31 branches and 300 outlets in China – achieve maximum satisfaction to our customers through safe, fast, efficient, convenient and premium services. We hope more customers enjoy our fund investment service. Power your assets to new heights! With us, with Hua Xia Bank!

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