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I. Definition
(I) MONTHLY SAVING PLAN  (“The Plan”): A plan offered for those interested to buy a set sum of fund at regular intervals. Once the customers enroll the Plan, Hua Xia Bank automatically make periodic (monthly) deductions at the stated amount and on the date specified. Customers are free to change the total months, deduction date and investment amount, or terminate the plan.
(II) Deduction Date: The date that Hua Xia Bank makes deduction and buy the fund stated in the Plan.  
(III) Investment Amount: The amount that Hua Xia bank deducted each month to buy the fund stated in the Plan.
(IV) Total Months: A number set to indicate how many monthly deductions in total under the Plan.

II. Functions
(I) Enroll: Submit the application at Hua Xia Bank Counter. 
(II) Update: Change the deduction amount, date and total months.
(III) Terminate: Stop the Plan to buy fund.

III. Rules
(I) Fund available: Only funds that Hua Xia Bank offers for buying through MONTHLY SAVING PLAN . Customers cannot set the same fund under different Plans.
(II) Deduction Date
1. Any day (1st– 28th) within a month.
2. Deduction starts from the current month should the deduction date set earlier than the date of signing up the Plant, or next month if deduction date set later or on the date of signing up the Plan. 
3. Should the deduction date fall on a non-dealing day, deduction will be made on the next dealing day. 
4. No deduction if the balance in the account is insufficient. Deduction missed in current period will not carry forward to the next period.  
(III) Investment Amount: minimum RMB 200 per month, in an integral multiple of 100.
(IV) Total months: longer than or equal to 6 months. 
(V) Termination: The Plan will be automatically terminated if deduction missed for consecutive 3 periods (months) due to insufficient balance in the account. 
(VI) Fund announced by fund managers not available for purchase – Hua Xia Bank continues to buy-on-behalf. Whether if the purchase successful is subject to the rules of individual Fund House.
(VII) Deduction stops from the current month should the Plan terminates before the date of deduction. If the Plan terminates after or on the date of deduction, Hua Xia Bank continues to make the deduction which is the last. Deduction stops from the next month.
(VIII)The Plan will be automatically terminated once all monthly deductions completed.

IV. The Terms and Conditions herein shall be in force since the date of announcement.

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.