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Hua Xia Self-Service Card is a multi-functional bank card that comes with a CUP BIN. All kinds of time/current deposits (in RMB or foreign currency) and RMB loans are crammed into the Card. Through the card, banking services are available at Hua Xia counter, Self-Service Banking, Internet Banking, Phone Banking and China Union Pay.

1. Counter services: Deposit/draw cash, make transfer at any outlet of 11 banks in Hangzhou anytime, no banking charges.
2. Inter-bank transfer: Transfer money at any Hangzhou ATM between 18 banking institutions.
3. Airport VIP Services: Available at VIP room of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, free tea and drinks, services for boarding and luggage, boarding time alert, special security check channel and priority in boarding.
4. Car Services: Car towing, emergency aid, insurance compensation, Gold Card membership for Auto Club.
5. Home Services: Preferential services are jointly offered by Hua Xia Bank and home services companies, as well as agency or intermediary services.
6. Business Travel: Special offer from e-Long Gold Card: 
Air-ticket reservation services in 8 cities, free local delivery; Hotel reservation services in 120+cities, 1000+ hotels, 20%-70% discount on room rate; bonus points scheme; Same consultancy and complaint services as for e-Long VIP Card. Reservation Hotline: 800-810-1010; Online Hotline:
7. Exclusive Services: VIP services and discount at Hua Xia merchants (restaurants, hotels, shopping, beauty salons and fitness centers).
8. Alert Services: Available through Hua Xia Customer Managers, alerts for changes in your money, fees, charity, important dates and time, markets news on securities and FX.

Applicable Clients: 
Business travelers or the top and middle executives with cars.

Service Channels:
Apart from the service channels available for Hua Xia card, counters of all banks in Hangzhou, CUP ATM.

How to Apply?
Same as Hua Xia Classic Card.
1. Endorse at the back of your Hua Xia Self-Service Card.
2. Do not set simple password, keep your password and card No. in a safe place.3. Whenever you have trouble in using self-service facilities, do not simply walk away, call Hua Xia Bank Customer Service Hotline 95577 immediately. Currently, this service is only available in Hangzhou.

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.