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A loan contributed by grantor and entrusted to be released by trustee according to the person, purposes, amount, term and interest rate specified by the grantor. Hua Xia Bank is only in charge of the release, monitors the use and helps to collect the loan and would not take any risks involved.

Applicable Clients:
Grantor must sign Personal Entrusted Loan Agreement with Hua Xia Bank. Source of fund must be clear with disposal rights. Grantor must be natural persons holding China nationality with full civil capacity. Borrower must be designated by Grantor, who is a natural person with full civil capacity, have permanent address in China and permanent residence in the local city/town, stable job and income, strong ability to repay andcorporate entity business organization or self-employed with good credit, annual review passed, under the given conditions of the Grantor and Hua Xia Bank. Currently, borrowers are defined as natural persons.

1. Add income: Increase return by lending the extra capital through Hua Xia Bank to those companies, business organization or natural persons who are in need of cash.
2. Convenient and safe: Hua Xia Bank as the authorized intermediary service and settlement center, no need to worry on the collection and interest settlement.

Currency and Term:
Loan is released in RMB or foreign currency. Term is agreed between Grantor and Borrower based on the loan purpose and the financial situation of Borrower, minimum 3 months.

Product Price:
Determined between Grantor and Borrower based on PBC's loan rate and floating margin of the same term same class. Hua Xia Bank collects a certain fee at a minimum standard monthly rate of 0.3‰ not less than RMB 100 (inclusive) for single loan. Fee is collected one-time or quarterly.

Service Channels: 
Hua Xia outlets offer services in consultancy, application and release. Phone Banking offers consultancy services, Internet Banking offers consultancy services.

Service Flows: 
1. Grantor submits an application to Hua Xia Bank.
2. Grantor signs the Personal Entrusted Agreement/Contract with Hua Xia Bank.
3. Grantor opens a deposit account at Hua Xia Bank for depositing money to the account one-time or in stages.
4. Once approved, Hua Xia Bank, grantor and borrower sign Personal Entrusted Contract. Loan will be transferred from Grantor's deposit account to entrusted loan account as stated in the contract.
5. When releasing the entrusted loan, Grantor issues entrusted loan release authorization to Hua Xia Bank. Hua Xia Bank releases the loan as stated in the authorization and agreement.
6. Collection. When the loan matures, lending Hua Xia Branch helps to collect the loan and transfer to the deposit account or other specified account opened by Grantor in Hua Xia Bank.

Important Information: 
1. Hua Xia Bank only collects banking charges without involving in any risk.
2. Receiver and purpose of the loan defined by Grantor must comply with State law and regulations. 
3. Grantor cannot draw the entrusted deposit before the loan matured or recalled. Entrusted money must be deposited first before lending. 
4. Funds in the Grantor's deposit account will have interest accrued at PBC's rate for personal current savings. Grantor should deposit a balance in the account as well. Settlement of interest, rate adjustment and penalty interest rate is agreed between Grantor and Borrower. Hua Xia collects the interest as stated in the contract. Interest income tax will be deducted first from Grantor and remaining funds will be deposited into Grantor's account in Hua Xia Bank.

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.