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A multi-currency, multi-functional payment instrument issued to the top and middle executives for cash deposit/withdrawal, transfer/settlement, spending/payment, no overdraft. Cardholders are entitled to all the VIP services as well.

VIP services besides all the services available in Hua Xia Classic Card.

Additional services as below besides the services for the wealth customers of Hua Xia Platinum Card:
1. Dedicated “Butler-style” service.
2. One-to-one service attended by experienced financial planners.
3. Dedicated “N-to-1” service attended by private bankers, investment experts and private banking consultants.

Interest and Fee:
Same fee as Hua Xia Platinum Card and favorable interest rate, and: 
Special offer on interest rate for deposit over USD 3 million (inclusive) or equivalent in other currency

Target Clients:
Top clients holding financial assets of over RMB 7 million (inclusive) in Hua Xia Bank.

Service Channels:
Private Banking Center

Use personal valid identity document and apply in person at our private banking center, our wealth manager will help you to apply.

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