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Beginning from 2004, China Union Pay escalates its international footprint and card acquiring network to Asia Pacific, US and Europe, Africa, Australia. By the year-end 2007, China Union Pay has 125, 000 merchants, 174, 000 POS and 366, 000 ATM in HK, Macau and overseas and a transaction volume of RMB 84.9 billion. CUP cards are now the first choice of Chinese cardholders to use overseas, in Hong Kong and Singapore.

With the CUP cards widely accepted in overseas, Hua Xia cards (“prefix 6xxx”) are now automatically accepted following CUP footprint. Cardholders when using Hua Xia cards (“prefix 6xxx) overseas will be able to enjoy convenience and low fees ( cash advance at overseas ATM: free for first transaction, “RMB 12 each cash advance” starting from the second; enquiry at overseas ATM: free for first three enquiry, “RMB 2 each enquiry” starting from the fourth). Visit CUP website for further information on the use of CUP cards in overseas.

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