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A kind of savings in the form of Hua Xia bank card (Hua Xia Card, Hua Xia Sinobeauty Card, and Hua Xia Gold Card) and CD (Certificate of Deposit) with period agreed during deposit, where FX principal is deposited one time, principal and interest are withdrawn in full. Initial minimum is an amount of foreign currency equivalent to RMB 50, no ceiling. Currency options are US Dollar, HK Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro Dollar or Sterling Pound. Deposit periods can be one month, three months, six months, one year or two years.

1. Higher rate: Interest rate of Time Deposit is higher than that of FX Current Savings. The longer the deposit period, the higher will be the interest rate.
2. Secured return: Interest rate is defined during deposit. In case of changes in interest rate during the period, interest is still accrued according to the rate stated in the CD, not by segments.
3. Turn to cash easily: Deposit can be drawn in full or partially before maturity if necessary, or pledged for loan as high as 90% within the credit line stated in the CD. The deposit can also be used to apply performance bond, proof of deposit as well. 
4. Automatic rollover: Hua Xia Bank will automatically rollover your deposit when matured, without your worry on the lost of interest in case you are busy to renew or go through the formalities again.

Interest will be accrued at the rate under the deposit period of FX Time Deposit quoted on the date of opening the account. Drawing in advance will have interest accrued at FX Current Savings rate quoted on the day of withdrawal. Drawing after maturity or before the rollover period expired will have interest accrued on the amount exceeding the original period at Current Savings rate quoted on the day of withdrawal.

Applicable Clients: 
Chinese residents, foreigners living in China, as well as foreigners, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan compatriots who have stayed in China for more than a year.

Service Channels:
If you choose to hold Hua Xia Certificate of Deposit, at Hua Xia outlets you can open or close the account, deposit or withdraw cash, transfer, remit, check accounts, report loss in written, change password and exchange foreign currency. Through Internet Banking you can check account and report loss verbally. Through Customer Service Center (Phone Banking) you can check account, change password and report loss verbally. If you choose to use Hua Xia card, at Hua Xia outlets you can open account, check account, draw cash, schedule transfer (transfer to other kinds of time deposit). At Self-Service Banking, Customer Service Center (Phone Banking) or Internet Banking, you can check the accounts in the card and schedule the transfer.

How to Apply?
1. Open Account: Open the account at Hua Xia outlets with your valid ID and collect the Certificate of Deposit or Hua Xia card.
2. Draw Cash: You can draw all or partially before your FX Time Deposit matured. At Hua Xia Bank, present your passbook or Hua Xia card, valid ID Card if you draw FX cash under USD 10,000 or equivalent. Original documents must be produced to verify your real identity if you draw FX more than USD 10,000 (inclusive) or equivalent. Coins and changes will be paid in RMB.
3. Exchange RMB: Change an amount under USD 10,000 or equivalent to RMB at Hua Xia counter directly. Documentations on FX income are required if you change an amount between USD 10,000 and USD 50,000 or equivalent to RMB. Approval from the State Administration of Foreign Exchange must be presented if you change an amount over USD 50,000 or equivalent to RMB.
4. Remittance: Single remittance under USD 2000 or equivalent can be applied at Hua Xia outlets, single remittance over USD 2000 (inclusive) or equivalent needs approval from the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.
5. Close Account: Account can be cancelled anytime. Interest will be repaid with principal when the account is closed.
6. Others: Valid ID must be produced for report of loss, cancel the report of loss, change of password, renewal of passbook/card and withdrawal. If someone applies on behalf of you, ID documents to verify you and your representative are necessary (cancel the report of loss and change password must be done by yourself).

1. Please keep your savings passbook or bank card in a safe place. If your passbook/CD is lost, report to Hua Xia Bank straight away either at Hua Xia counter, Customer Service Center (Phone Banking), or Internet Banking verbally. Report of loss in written can only at Hua Xia outlets, cancel the report of loss must be at the original outlet; report loss of card can be made at customer service center; you can also report loss of card in written or verbally via Internet Banking or at Hua Xia counter. Report of loss in written must be done within 5 days after you have made verbally. Replace passbook/bank card or close the account 7 days later.
2. Set the password as a combination of numbers so that it is not easy to be cracked. Keep the password confidential and do not let others know it.

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.