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Personal inward remittance in foreign currency is the inward remittance service for individuals. Service is available to notify the payee to collect the remittance.

Applicable Clients: Individual customers of Hua Xia Bank.

Functions and Features:
Hua Xia Bank has advanced fund transfer system and is capable to release inward remittance from overseas within 1~2 banking days upon receipt of fund.

Service Flows:
1. The customer opens account at any outlet of Hua Xia Bank and advises the overseas payer the his/her Hua Xia Bank account number, account name, and the receiving Hua Xia branch. In case the customer does not open account at Hua Xia Bank, the customer may advise the overseas payer his/her address and telephone number so that Hua Xia Bank may notify the customer upon receipt of remittance. 
2. The overseas correspondent bank issues remittance instruction to Hua Xia branches.
3. Hua Xia Bank receives remittance instruction from overseas correspondent bank, confirms the receipt of the fund, and credits the customer's account (if the customer provides account number) or advises the customer for collection in person. 
4. Upon release of cash, the customer shall present valid ID card (the customer from overseas shall present passport) or other valid ID.

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.