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Personal inter-city RMB remittance refers to a remittance/settlement where the payer and the payee are both individuals. Under such service, the payer remits cash or fund in deposit account to the designated payee in other city through electronic wire transfer system.

The token are Hua Xia cards (Hua Xia Card, Hua Xia Sinobeauty Card, Hua Xia Gold Card) and Current Deposit passbook.

It addresses the inter-city remittance needs of different customer groups and is a safe, prompt, economic, and highly efficient means of personal remittance. The service leverages on Hua Xia Bank's nation-wide network to maximize availability of fund transfer services for customers.

The remitting bank charges service fee on personal remittance. The fee standards are: 1% of remittance amount for money transfer within RMB 5,000 (inclusive) or a minimum of RMB 1.00; RMB 50 for money transfer amount above RMB 5,000.

Applicable Clients:
Residents in P. R. China.

Service Channels:
The customers may make inter-city remittance at the deposit counter at any outlet of Hua Xia Bank.

How to apply?
The customer presents his/her valid ID card or the representive’s and passes cash, Current Deposit passbook, or Hua Xia Card to the teller before filling out the remittance slip accordingly.

The customers are advised to write the payee name and account number clearly to avoid error and disputes.

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.