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Foreign exchange is Hua Xia Bank's service to exchange foreign currency with RMB for individual customers.

Applicable Clients: domestic residents and overseas non-residents.

Service Flows:
1. Procedures for buying foreign currency:
(1) The customer may buy at any Hua Xia Bank outlet that offer such service. The customer needs to present his/her valid ID card upon application. 
(2) Hua Xia Bank authenticates and counts the foreign currency banknote before converting the money into RMB amount according to the banknote bid price quoted on the day. In case the exchange is from one foreign currency to another foreign currency, the conversion is according to the banknote ask price for another foreign currency. 
(3) The customer fills out "Foreign Exchange Memo". The bank stamps on the "Exchange Memo" and issues the memo to the customer.

2. Procedures for selling foreign currency:
(1) The domestic resident sells the foreign currency according to the regulations of State Administration of Foreign Exchange on foreign exchange by domestic residents for private purposes. 
(2) For non-resident individuals in China wish to remit the legal RMB income overseas and exchange of un-spent RMB back to foreign currency upon border exit, use the valid "Foreign Exchange Memo" within 6 months since the date of memo issuance and exchange all the RMB into foreign currency one time

Personal Exchange Settlement
According to the State regulation, there is a limit on the total foreign currency bought in a year. Individual use ID card can buy up to USD 50,000 (inclusive) or equivalent in a year. If you buy more than USD 50,000 or equivalent, you have to produce your ID card and necessary documents to prove your purpose.

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.