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Hua Xia Bank's deposit certification is classified into point-of-time deposit certification and for-period deposit certification. The point-of-time deposit certification refers to certification written by Hua Xia Bank to other parties proving a definite level of fund deposit at Hua Xia Bank by the depositor at a point of time; for-period deposit certification refers to certification written by Hua Xia Bank to other parties proving a definite level of fund deposit at Hua Xia Bank by the depositor during a particular period of time. The deposit certification is not capable for guarantee or pledge functions. 
The customer deposits the fund of different currencies into Hua Xia Bank with a bearer name. The deposit may be in home or foreign currency, financial investment fund, and T-bond. Apart from the funds tied in frozen and stop-payment accounts and pledge arrangement or the death of depositor, applicant not yet filed for successor title transfer according to legal requirement are eligible to apply for deposit certification.

1. Fairly low fee: Each deposit certification is only subject to a nominal fee of RMB 20. 
2. Easy and convenient: Issue on the spot. 
3. Authoritative: Witten by bank.

The service fee is RMB 20 for each deposit certification.

Applicable Clients:
Customers apply for reasons of overseas education, overseas visits, tourism, overseas relocation, and business activities.

Service Channels:
Apply at the original outlet of deposit account.

How to apply?
1. The applicant presents his/her ID card or of the representative and certificate of deposit/passbook/deposit card, fills in "Hua Xia Bank Deposit Certification Application", and applies at the original outlet of deposit account. In case the depositor is overseas and cannot provide the original of valid ID card, the depositor may authorize someone toapply on his/her behalf. However, the representative must present the authorization letter signed by the original depositor, the faxed copy of depositor's passport, original certificate of deposit/passbook/deposit card, and the representative's original personal ID. 
2. The customer picks up the deposit certification after the payment of the service fee.
3. In case the customer needs to extend expiration date on the deposit certification, the depositor needs to re-apply. Upon expiration of the deposit certification, the fund is automatically un-locked and can be withdrawn any time. During the valid term of the deposit certification, in case the customer makes early withdrawal of the fund, the customer needs to return all the original copies of deposit certification. 
4. You cannot report lost deposit certification; the service fee is not refunded if your deposit certification is lost, you have to apply again.

To apply for for-period deposit certification, the customer cannot withdraw the underlying fund before expiration. The Time Deposit may be automatically rolled over upon maturity.

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.