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This is a service where Hua Xia Bank accepts the customer application and leases the safe-deposit box to the customer according to the regulations and terms agreed. Hua Xia Bank provides space and tools for customers in storing valuable properties, priced securities and documents, deeds, and other properties.

Features: Safe and reliable, strong privacy, varieties of boxes, advanced technology.
1. Safe and reliable: Hua Xia Bank's safe-deposit boxes are administered through computers. Advanced fingerprint and password recognition system that is reliable and convenient. The individuals and companies are assured of safety in the deposited properties. 
2. Strong Privacy: Hua Xia Bank provides independent and closed "property inspection room" so that customer may inspect and organize the properties.
3. Varieties of boxes: There are safe-deposit boxes of different sizes and specs ready at Hua Xia Bank to fulfill different needs of the customers. 
4. Advanced technology: Hua Xia Bank's safe-deposit boxes adopt the most advanced technologies and are designed by security experts. The boxes are not only sturdy and soundly equipped, but also fireproof, theft-proof, water resistant, and moisture resistant.

The customer has to pay rental fee and security deposit assessed according to the size of the safe-deposit box and rental period.

Applicable Clients: 
1. Natural persons of Chinese or foreigners holding valid ID card in China. 
2. The local and foreign companies legally established in China undertaking business activities, economic entities, non-government organizations, and China representative institutions of foreign or international organizations are welcomed to rent Hua Xia Bank safe-deposit boxes.

Sales Channels: 
Hua Xia Bank outlets that offer the services.

Service Flows:
1. The applicant presents the valid ID card, fills out application and pays the relevant fees Once completed, a safe-deposit box is ready for use. 
2. Customer may open box for deposit or withdrawal any time during banking hours. 
3. Upon the expiration of the rental period, in case the customer intends to extend the period,, pays the rental fee for the next period three days before expiration (deadline extended upon holidays). 
4. Rental can be terminated before or upon expiration.

Important Information: 
1. The customer is advised not to place properties not suitable for storage in the safe-deposit box.
2. The customer is not supposed to store liquid substances, explosive or inflammable objects, and other prohibited, illegal, or hazardous objects in the safe-deposit box.
3. Under one of the following circumstances, Hua Xia Bank has the right to refuse the opening of safe-deposit box:
(1) The valid ID card of the renter or the authorized agent cannot be verified and there are suspicions on other required documents.. 
(2) The renter disputes and quarrels with its authorized agent on the site. 
(3) Failure of due payment of rent or other expenses. 
(4) The renter and the authorized agent hold mismatching passwords or different signature/stamp from the specimen.

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.