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Consumer Performance Bond refers to guarantee arrangement where the individual customer pledges the Certificate of Time Deposit and T-bond issued through Hua Xia Bank in exchange of Hua Xia Bank's guarantee letter for the benefit of the interested party (beneficiary) in the consumer contract that the customer (applicant) should perform in accordance with the contract.

Enhance credit, close transaction: Hua Xia Bank provides customer guarantee backed by bank credit, and therefore support the consumption activities and encourage trade.

Applicable Clients:
Natural person of full civil capacity of conduct, good credit track record, and ability to provide truth consumer contract or agreement.

Currency and Tenor:
The currency is RMB. The agreement stipulates the validity period of the guarantee letter.

Hua Xia Bank charges the applicant a guarantee fee assessed at 0.2-1‰ of the amount covered on the guarantee letter written to third parties. Minimum guarantee fee is RMB 10.

Service Channels:
At Hua Xia Bank outlet provides performance bond consultancy, application, and processing. Hua Xia Bank's Telephone Banking and Internet Banking provide advisory services.

Application Documents:
During application, the customer has to surrender valid ID card, the original of consumer contract or agreement, original of Personal Time Deposit passbook or Certificate T-bond, and other documents as required by Hua Xia Bank.

Service Flows:
1. Application: The applicant presents application to Hua Xia Bank and provides the relevant application documents as per required.
2. Acceptance and approval: Hua Xia Bank staff-in-charge fills out the approval form and completes the approval procedures as per regulations.
3. Contract signing: Upon approval, Hua Xia Bank signs with the applicant the guarantee letter issuance agreement and proceeds on counter-guarantee.
4. Writing guarantee letter: Hua Xia Bank writes guarantee letter to the applicant after collection of relevant service fees as per the agreement.
5. The parties file for guarantee termination and cancellation upon expiration of the guarantee letter.

Important Information:
1. During the tenor of the guarantee letter, in case the guarantee and the beneficiary need to amend or replace the guarantee letter due to contract revision, the guarantee and the beneficiary inform Hua Xia Bank in written on the changes. Hua Xia Bank makes the changes accordingly after approval. The guarantee and the beneficiary may request for the termination of guarantee letter. However, both parties shall advise Hua Xia Bank in written. Hua Xia Bank's guarantee liabilities are dismissed upon expiration of the guarantee tenor.
2. The Personal Time Deposit Certificate pledged under herein arrangement must be under the title of the applicant and must be issued by Hua Xia Bank. The personal CD written by other banks do not qualify for pledged collateral. The Certificate T-bond pledged under herein arrangement must be under the title of the applicant and issued through Hua Xia Bank after 1999 (incl. 1999). The Certificate T-bonds sold through other banks do not qualify for pledged collateral.

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.