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Collection is a service arrangement where Hua Xia Bank collects certain payments on behalf of the principal and transfers the fund to the principal's account according to the agreement. 
Collection service mainly includes the collection of different kinds of utilities, administrative fees, taxes, communication fees, and other fee items.

Features: Convenient, safe, and prompt.
1. Convenient: The billed customers may pay through a variety of methods such as cash and account transfer through Hua Xia Card. 
2. Safe and prompt: The principal can avoid paper cash risks and improve work efficiency. The payments are directly pooled and transferred to the principal's account.

The billed customers are not subject to service fees. The principal pays to Hua Xia Bank service fees assessed at a percentage of the total payroll amount or at a flat rate according to the agreement. Both parties negotiate for fee standards and means of payment.

Applicable Clients:
Government companies/enterprises and other organizations may appoint Hua Xia Bank as collecting agent dealing with individuals or companies.

Sales Channels:
The billed customers may pay bills through cash, account transfer on Hua Xia Card, sign autopay agreement, Customer Service Center (Telephone Banking), and Internet Banking.

Service Flows:
1. Upon consensus agreement through negotiation, Hua Xia Bank signs with the principalthe Collection Service Agreement. 
2. Hua Xia Bank collects bill payments as agent according to time and amount specified by the principal. 
3. The billed customers pay bills within the billing deadline at the nearby or designated Hua Xia Bank outlets according to instructions of the billing company. The billed customers shall sign agreement with Hua Xia Bank for autopay transfer and shall ensure adequate balance in the designated account for deductions.

Important Information:
1. The customer shall properly store the bankcard (passbook) to prevent from theft or information disclosure.
2. The billed customers shall enquire the billing company in case of doubts and questions on the billing time and amount. 
3. The principal is responsible for chasing overdue bills. Hua Xia Bank is not responsible for the debt collection and will not advance the relevant funds.

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.