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Hua Xia Bank is appointed by the Ministry of Finance for the sales and redemption of Certificate T-bond on behalf of the Ministry of Finance. The Certificate T-bond is adeposit debt of the State which can be bearer bond. Holder may report if lost. The bond is not traded on the market and the creditor's right is stated in "Certificate T-bond Receipt". The value date of the bond starts from the date of subscription. During the holding period, the holder can redeem in advance at the Hua Xia outlet where the bond is bought in case cash is needed due to special circumstances,. The minimum purchase is RMB 100.

Features: Low risk, stable income, high coupon rate, no tax on income.
1. Low risk: Certificate T-bond is backed by the sovereign credit and has high credit rating. 
2. Stable income: The income from T-bond is fixed coupon rate, which is stable and safe. The customers may compute the available income upon subscription of T-bond. 
3. High coupon rate: The coupon rate of Certificate T-bond is generally higher than the Time Deposit rate of the equivalent tenor. 
4. No tax on income: No tax levied on the interest income from Certificate T-bond .

There is no handling charge for buying Certificate T-bond. Early redemption fee is charged as per regulations of the Ministry of Finance and the People's Bank of China.A: The interest rate of Certificate T-bond is as per interest rate announced by the Ministry of Finance.

Applicable Clients:
Individual residents in P. R. China

Service channel:
The savings counters at Hua Xia Bank outlets.

Service Flows:
1. Subscription:
Buy at Hua Xia Bank outlet, present your valid ID card and money to buy. Hua Xia Bank's staff will return a "Certificate T-bond Receipt" to you. 
2. Redemption:
Early redemption: In case the customer is in urgent need of cash before maturity of T-bond, the customer shall present the valid ID card or its authorized agent's valid ID and "Certificate T-bond Receipt" to the original outlet of subscription for early redemption. The customer pays the early redemption fee as per regulations.

Redemption upon maturity: The customer presents the valid ID card or its authorized agent's valid ID and "Certificate T-bond Receipt" to the original outlet of subscription for redemption upon maturity. After Hua Xia Bank's staff verifies the documents, Hua Xia Bank repays the interest and principal to the customer.

Important Information:
1. The customer is entitled to the stipulated coupon rate only if the T-bond is held to maturity. The interest rate for early redemption is computed to the closest class as per regulations of the Ministry of Finance. The customer is also subject to early redemption fee. 
2. The "Certificate T-bond Receipt" is the key proof of customer's subscription of T-bond and for redemption upon maturity. The customer shall properly store the document and is advised to protect it with passwords. In case the certificate or the password is lost, the customer should timely report the loss at the outlet of subscription with valid ID card

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.