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Hua Xia Bank is entrusted by the interested party in the trust plan (such as trust investment company that initiated trust plan and acts as fiduciary for the trust plan) to carry out collection and payment under the trust plan. The services include collection andpayment of trust fund.

Features: Convenient, safe, prompt, fairly high return, and fairly low cost.
1. Convenient, safe, and prompt: Service is available at all Hua Xia Bank outlets.. With full leverage of Hua Xia Bank's network and settlement advantage, All collections and payments can be completed without walking out of the door. 
2. Fairly high return: It is a new investment financial product for investor that is capable for fairly high return. 
3. Fairly low cost: Hua Xia Bank currently does not charge investors any service fee.

Applicable Clients:
Institutions or individuals in possession of certain amount of idle fund and in search of trust products to invest.

Service Channels:
Hua Xia Bank outlets.

Service Flows:
1. The investor presents the valid ID card and Hua Xia Card (or Hua Xia Current Deposit Passbook) to Hua Xia Bank outlets, fills in authorization letter and entrustment letter , and pays the relevant subscription fund. 
2. Hua Xia Bank's staff verifies information, collects the trust fund, and completes procedures for fund trust.
3. Upon conclusion of trust fund issuance, Hua Xia Bank collects the amount and transfers to the designated account of the trust investment company. 
4. Upon income distribution or maturity liquidation by the fund trust, Hua Xia Bank transfers the fund of the trust investment company into the investor's designated account.

Important Information:
1. Hua Xia Bank is not legally responsible for the collection and payment within scope authorized by the trust investment company as well as the losses for a reason related tothe trust investment company, the trustor, or other relevant parties. 
2. The customer provides Hua Xia Card or Hua Xia Bank Current Deposit Account upon subscription of the trust fund. The foregoing Hua Xia Card or Hua Xia Bank Current Deposit Account is the designated account for trust fund account transfers. The customer shall properly store such document and information and shall timely file for loss report upon loss of such document and information.

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.