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Online Remittance
"Online Remittance" is a powerful, user-friendly, safe and convenient function for customers to remit monies online. Remittances can be sent to Hua Xia accounts or accounts of other banks, ie, remittance to Hua Xia debit card/current deposit passbook in the same city, remittance to Hua Xia debit card/current deposit passbook in other cites, remittance to card/passbook of other banks in the same/other cities. Remittance currency is RMB.

Online Remittance is a service for Hua Xia personal customers holding Hua Xia debit card (Hua Xia Diamond Card, Platinum Card, Gold Card, Lady’s Card and Classic Card) and need to transfer money to others.

1. Fast credit: remittances are processed in real-time online. Remittances to Hua Xia accounts are credited into payee's account in real-time. Interbank remittances reach the destination bank in real-time as well. The speed is reaching the world standard.
2. Different channels. Remittances between Hua Xia accounts can be of the same city or other cities. Five channels for interbank remittances: interbank clearing system, mass payment system, small payment system, local clearing and Shanghai fast local clearing. Choose the right channel based on your cost and how fast your remittance.
3. Very Easy:
24-hour service: The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for remittances to Hua Xia accounts and interbank remittances (in real-time, 1 working day, 2 working days) and remittance via Shanghai fast local clearing. Service hours for fast remittance to accounts of other banks are 9:00-16:30 each banking day.
Estimate fees: Once the remittance is submitted, Hua Xia system automatically calculates the banking charges and displays for your clarification.
SMS Alert – When you submit the remittance, enter your payee’s mobile phone number. Once the remittance is completed, Hua Xia system will inform your payee by sending the remittance details to your payee's mobile phone.
4. Safe and convenient: Choice of different authentication options to suit your requirement. Hua Xia customers of Signed Edition can use SMS verification code when sending remittance, while premium remittance services are offered to Hua Xia customers using certificates. "Driver-less" Usbkey is used for the storage of digital certificate, the system automatically installs the Usbkey, easy steps. No option for the storage of certificate in a file is one way to increase the security of your online remittances.

How to Apply
(I) At the Counter
1. Documents required: applicant’s unexpired identity document and Hua Xia card;
2. Fill in the Application Form for Personal Account and sign the Hua Xia BankElectronic Banking Service Agreement for Personal Account;
3.Sign up Personal Internet Banking and apply for a digital certificate.
(II) Steps
1. Insert Usbkey into your computer, follow the instructions to set a password for the Usbkey;
2. System will automatically pop-up Hua Xia Bank homepage;
3. Install the certificate and ActiveX (once only);
4. After the above steps, you can proceed to login Certificate Edition and use the "Online Remittance" service

1. Protected by the use of login name + login password + digital certificate + Usbkey password for login;
2. Use of client ActiveX to stop hacking;
3. Avoid password being stolen by the use of secure input box.
4. Digital certificate is stored in Usbkey hardware, the highest level of security;
5. You can only login by the Usbkey that Hua Xia sold to you. No other type of Usbkey can be used. Your Usbkey is proprietary.
6. During the remittance, you have to enter Usbkey password and sign the transaction digitally. Your remittance is protected.
7. Graphic verification code enhances login security;
8. Transaction data is 128-bit SSL encrypted before transmission, safe and reliable.

1. Digital certificate is pre-installed in Hua Xia Shield, no need to download;
2. Hua Xia system only accepts Usbkey certificate. It is strictly forbidden to use certificate file.
3. You can only remit up to RMB 4 million in a day.

Personal Wealth Management
Personal wealth management is a range of Hua Xia Bank financial products allocated under different level of risks with different incomes. Depending on your objective, choose one product to subscribe, buy, redeem or view details. (Note: those who wish to buy financial products for the first time must go to Hua Xia outlet to do the "Risk Tolerance Test". Your risk tolerance level can be changed later via Internet Banking.)

Pre-Installed Certificate
Your certificate is already installed in the Hua Xia Shield. No need for you to download the certificate. After you collect the Hua Xia Shield, insert it into the USB port of your computer. The driver for Hua Xia Bank Shield will be automatically installed and the Hua Xia Bank homepage will be displayed. Then login the Certificate Edition of new generation Personal Internet Banking and enjoy all the safe, fast and convenient online financial services.

Batch Remittance
Batch Remittance is a function for customers who require to send a large number of remittances. Just submit one batch file and remit monies to many payees. The receiving accounts can be Hua Xia Bank accounts or accounts of other banks. Hua Xia Personal Internet Banking automatically sends your batch file to different systems based on your choice of remittance channels. You can choose to send the remittance in real-time or in a later day. When your remittance credited into your payee's account is the same as in one transfer, ie, remittances to Hua Xia accounts are in real-time, while remittances to accounts of other banks can be "Fast remittance" or taking 1 working day.

Account details at a glance
Login Personal Internet Banking, all your Hua Xia cards and accounts are displayed in a list for you to view all your assets and liabilities - deposit, loan, credit card or wealth management.

1. "Operate accounts in other banks" is a unique function of Personal Internet Banking. You can enroll your cards or accounts of other banks under Hua Xia Internet Banking. After that, you can check the balance and details of the account, or receive remittance sent through other banks. Use this function to concentrate and manage cash from your accounts in different banks.
2. Online bill payment is a group of functions for personal customers to pay bills fast and easy. That includes the payments for mobile phone bill, China Unicom phone bill or fixed phone bill. Details refer to the services offered by branches. Customers just use Hua Xia card to sign up Personal Internet Banking at the Hua Xia counter, or register Personal Internet Banking online, then login and make the payments.
3. FX trading is an important investment service for Hua Xia personal customers to buy or sell foreign currency. Order placing and enquiry are some of the functions. Customers who hold Hua Xia FX card with FX deposit just sign up online FX trading service in person at Hua Xia counter, then they can login Personal Internet Banking to proceed.
4. Alipay-Card Link is a function for you to bind or unbind your Hua Xia card with Alipay A/C No. while online. You can also set the daily limit for your shopping at (Signed customers: RMB 0-200;Certificate customers: RMB 0-50000).
5. Electronic receipt is a function for customers to view or print the receipt of transfers via new generation Personal Internet Banking.
6. Online Precious Metal is one key investment product launched by Hua Xia Bank in collaboration with Shanghai Gold Exchange for Hua Xia customers of Personal Internet Banking. Services available are: 1) enquiry on latest market prices; 2) order declaration; 3) order cancellation; 4) funds transfer; 5) enquiries on amount in gold account, intra-day closing, order placed on the day, gold in warehouse on the day, history closing, history orders, gold in warehouse, and details of transfer to/from Gold Exchange; 6) gold withdrawal application; 7) enquiry on gold withdrawal application; 8) enquiry and confirmation on daily settlement; 9) enquiries on gold delivered, risk notification, positions held on the day for deferred settlement, history positions held for deferred settlement and the details of positions held for deferred settlement; 10) estimation on closing position for deferred settlement; 11) enquiry on the changes in gold held in warehouse, changes in the amount; 12) enquiry/update on personal particulars; 13) enquiry on public notices; 14) change of password for trading precious metal; 15) risk preference evaluation, and 16) sign up of deferred settlement service. Currently the trading categories are Au99.99, Au99.95, Au100g, Au(T+D), Au(T+N1), Au(T+N2), Ag(T+D).
7. Online Fund is an investment product for individual to buy/sell fund with service for the test on your risk tolerance, you can subscribe fund, buy fund, redeem fund, convert fund or invest a set sum at pre-determined regular intervals. All you need is a Hua Xia RMB debit card, then sign up the service at the Hua Xia Counter. Once completed, you can login Personal Internet Banking to use all the services. 

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.