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Personal Online Payment
Personal online payment, or B2C, is a payment option where customer uses Hua Xia card to pay for online orders placed at the merchant website. There are two modes: "Spend" and "Authorize".
1. "Spend": Payment before delivery, customer places orders at the merchant website and makes payment. Once the payment is successful, merchant delivers the goods to the customers. At the end of the day, Hua Xia Bank transfers the customer payment to the merchant’s settlement account.
2. "Authorize": Delivery before payment, customer places orders at the merchant website and freezes the payment. Merchant delivers the goods or offers the services to the customer during the lock-up period. Customer agrees or rejects to pay depending on the situation. At the end of the day, Hua Xia Bank transfers the payments made by the customers to the merchant’s settlement account.
(1) If the customer agrees to pay, login Hua Xia Bank Personal Internet Banking to release the frozen amount and make the payment anytime during the lock-up period;
(2) If the customer refuses to pay, release the frozen amount and reject the payment during the validity period;
(3) If the customer does not make the payment or release the frozen amount during the lock-up period, Hua Xia Bank will use the frozen amount to pay the merchant on the next day after the lock-up period expires.

Payment options
There are two options of personal online payments: "Direct" and "E-wallet". 
Direct: If you have a Hua Xia card, just use the card to pay online, no other procedures, up to RMB 300 for one payment, up to RMB 1000 can be paid in a day.
Features: very good for small payment, fast and convenient.
"E-wallet": a payment option designed for certificate users of Hua Xia Personal Internet Banking. E-wallet is similar to our everyday purse. When making a payment, choose one Hua Xia card from the e-wallet and use Hua Xia Shield (digital certificate USB-Key) to encrypt and sign the payment. Currently no amount limit if paid by e-wallet.
Features: good for online payment in large amount with higher safety required.

Sign up steps
Direct payment: Apply for a Hua Xia card at the counter, then use the card for payment.
"E-wallet" payment: Apply for Personal Internet Banking and a Hua Xia Shield (digital certificate USB-Key) at the Hua Xia Counter first. At the Hua Xia Bank website, register e-wallet service, then login Personal Internet Banking to add the registered Hua Xia Card, now you can use the e-wallet to make online payment.

Types of cards supported
Currently, Hua Xia cards can be used for online payment are Hua Xia debit cards: Hua Xia Card, Sinobeauty Card, Business Travel Card, Gold Card and all co-branded cards ("Hua Xia Cards"), no credit card and FX card currently.
For further information, see "Help - Personal Online Payment".

Member Merchant

1. Application Conditions
(1) Enterprises/public institutions, society associations set up under the approval of State Organs or State Administration for Industry and Commerce at all levels;
(2) Open a settlement account in Hua Xia Bank;
(3) Follow the terms and conditions of Hua Xia Internet Banking Regulations, sign Hua Xia Bank Online Payment Agreement with Hua Xia Bank;
(4) Business Permit as a proof of starting e-commerce, strong technical background, good internal management and comprehensive customer service system, a website that support online shopping mall or online payment, able to establish secure connection with Hua Xia online payment server through internet;
(5) Good creditability and run the business according to laws and regulations.

2. Documents required
(1) Business license (or other valid documentation), original and photocopy of Organization Code Certificate, Tax Registration Certificate;
(2) Original and photocopy of ICP Certificate or other Business Permit as a proof of running e- commerce through Internet;
(3) Original and photocopy of ID documents of the legal representative and system administrator.

3. Details
(1) Open a settlement account at the Hua Xia outlet;
(2) Duly completed Hua Xia Bank Online Payment Agreement and Hua Xia Bank Online Payment Application Form for Merchant Registration affixed with the company seal;
(3) Sign Hua Xia Bank Online Payment Agreement with Hua Xia Bank;
(4) Sign up Hua Xia Corporate Internet Banking.

4. Follow-Up:Hua Xia Bank customer manager will assist you to complete the formalities. 

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.