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Corporate Internet Banking

Hua Xia Bank launched the Corporate Internet Banking Ver. 6.0 in May 2010 for all online corporate clients to use the fast, convenient and flexible online services. Connected to the new generation core banking system, Corporate Internet Banking Ver. 6.0 satisfies all the requirements of old and new customers. When compared to the former version, Ver. 6.0 has the following benefits:
1. Use certificate to sign transactions, safe and reliable. In no way certificate information can be copied or spoofed under the high-standard digital certificate scheme that adopts national security authentication. Your privacy and money is protected. Use of digital certificate to sign transfers between accounts ensures the authenticity and reliability of every transaction and reduces risks considerably.
2. Full range of functions for your needs. Corporate Internet Banking Ver. 6.0 comes with many more quality services: A/C management, payment and settlement, wealth management, authorization center. Each functional module covers its own sub-functions, making a total of more than a hundred sub-functions ready to serve different types of customers.
3. Payment and settlement, fast remittance: There are two sub-functions: single transfer and group service. Customers are free to choose the right options for the transfer or remittance, easy and fast.
4. Customer Center to support services: More support services are offered in the Customer Center in version 6.0. You can set shortcut keys for the most frequently used functions, or set message alert to help in finishing the steps, more user-friendly and more accurate.

Unique Functions
1. Income/expense at a glance: The new generation Corporate Internet Banking offers functions for you to view account changes and details, outgoing records and incoming transactions (A/C No., A/C name, A/C opening bank) for your reconciliation.
2. Real-time interbank transfer: The new generation Corporate Internet Banking is connected to the PBOC's payment system. All interbank transfers are processed in real-time, no intervention by the counter staff, less funds in-transit and fast transfer.
3. Overdraft line of credit: Under the new generation Corporate Internet Banking, you are allowed to overdraw within the credit limit pre-approved by Hua Xia Bank when the deposit in your account is not enough for payment.
4. Fast and convenient wealth management: Fixed-current inter-transfer Fixed-current inter-transfer and other wealth management services are provided in the new generation Corporate Internet Banking for online corporate clients to add value to the company deposit or other assets by buying/selling fund or gold online
5. Headquarters / subsidiaries under one roof: Top-quality, convenient Group Services. The Group treasury management in new generation Corporate Internet Banking provides a group of functions for you to manage accounts in the Group, fund transfer between subsidiaries, account enquiry or make payments between branch accounts or to accounts of other banks.
6. Authorized instructions under close monitoring: In new generation Corporate Internet Banking, you can proceed overnight authorization, partial authorization for transactions within 30 days. Customers are matched with the risk level of the transactions since certificate saved in Hua Xia Shield in no way can be exported or copied. Your money is protected.
7. Special discount on transfer fee. Hua Xia Bank offers special discounts on fee involved on your transfer, which is lower when compared to the fee collected at the counter. No fee is collected for some transfers. Details refer to "Fee Schedule" listed in Hua Xia website.
8. Round-the-clock online services: The new generation Corporate Internet Banking not only provides "7x24" round-the-clock enquiry services, but also services during evening or after banking hours for you to transfer money to company/personal accounts, pay salary to staff or pool cash from subsidiary accounts. Even Hua Xia Bank is closed after banking hours, you can still enjoy the best-quality services provided.

Target Clients
Companies of different scales who need corporate banking services.

Application Conditions
Corporate clients can apply at the account opening bank with the necessary identity documents (original and photocopy of the ID cards of the legal representative, officer-in-charge, staff-in-charge, authorized person), fill in the related application forms, then sign up Hua Xia Corporate Internet Banking. 

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.