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Bank Corporate Direct

Bank-Corporate Direct is a system which links the enterprise's financial management software to Hua Xia system . Under the Bank-Corporate Direct, customers without login Hua Xia Corporate Internet Banking can access all bank accounts of headquarters and member companies, as well as enquiry, transfer, cash pooling and download. Accounting details are entered once automatically into financial database, instead of twice in financial management system and Internet Banking in the past. This increases working efficiency and ensures the consistency of account details between financial database and Hua Xia banking system.

Based on the above functions, Hua Xia Bank also upgraded the Bank-Corporate Direct system in different stages. Currently, the Bank-Corporate Direct is connected directly to the mass payment system and interbank clearing system for centralized payment, transfer from corporate account to personal account, payroll disbursement, staff reimbursement, SMS alert. New functions are online wealth management, electronic bill, centralized payment, and enquiry on exchange rate. Many functions of Bank-Corporate Direct system are enhanced for corporate clients to enjoy a full range of cash management solutions.

1. Easy to manage accounts at different banks. Through the Bank-Corporate Direct, customers can get the balance changes in the accounts at different banks.
2. Direct support on many systems. The Bank-Corporate Direct supports many mainstream corporate financial managements or ERP systems - BESTINFO, Yuanguang, SHINE, Bitech, UFIDA, INSPUR, Kingdee, NineStar.
3. Account details at a glance. Account history provided in Bank-Corporate Direct includes information about the opposite party for customers to check the status of transactions timely.
4. Fast and convenient transfer. All transfers to Hua Xia accounts via Bank-Corporate Direct are processed round-the-clock in real-time. Transfers to accounts of other banks are processed directly via the PBOC mass payment system, online payment interbank clearing system and local clearing system. Transfers are sent to back-office for processing in real-time.
5. Highly efficient cash pooling. In the Bank-Corporate Direct, liquidity resources of the Group can be centrally managed, balance from a number of different bank accounts can be concentrated according to the cash pooling rules.
6. Flexible wealth management. Customers can open or draw fixed deposit, call deposit via the Bank-Corporate Direct, or look up interest rate and exchange rate, very flexible.
7. Full range of electronic bill services. The Bank-Corporate Direct offers a range of safe, easy, convenient services on electronic commercial draft for customers to apply, draw, cancel, endorse, pledge, discount or issue collection.
8. Tailored services. Hua Xia Bank-Corporate Direct offers personalized services with special functions ready any time.

Target Clients
Large-and-medium enterprises with own ERP and financial system established and stockbrokers who have business relationship with Hua Xia in third-party depositary service.

Application Conditions
Corporate clients can apply at the account opening bank with the necessary identity documents (original and photocopy of the ID cards of the legal representative, officer-in-charge, staff-in-charge, authorized person), fill in the related application forms, then you can sign up Hua Xia Bank-Corporate Direct. 

Note: This page is for reference only, part of the business to local outlets announcement with specific provisions prevail.