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Services Offered:
Personal Banking: Account enquiry, transfer, phone remittance and SMS subscription;
Corporate Banking: Account enquiry, schedule cash withdrawal;
Also Hua Xia wealth management, forex trading and consultancy services.

I. Service Features
Easy steps, sign up at once
No need to apply, just use the service straight away.
Call anytime, anywhere
Services available 24-hour a day, 7-day a week.
Enjoy financial service simply at home
All banking services are available without going to the bank.
Local call, low cost
Just pay the local call fee.

II. Main Functions
1. Check account anytime
Check the balance, transaction details and information of the accounts opened at Hua Xia Bank, and the bonus points earned by Hua Xia Card.
2. Make transfer anytime in need
In a Hua Xia card, anytime you can transfer current savings to time deposit or vice versa, current savings to time deposit of small savings for lump-sum withdrawal, transfer between cards under the same name.
3. Remit by phone, funds immediately credited to the account
No need to rush to bank, just dial and give instructions. Once signed up at the counter, remittance can be made by phone through Customer Service Center.
4. Subscribe SMS to check balance anytime
You are kept informed once there are changes in your account. SMS Alert makes sure your money is safe.
5. Make appointment to do banking in advance
To prepare for any business need, arrange mass cash withdrawal or call deposit notice, just by appointment with the Customer Service Center.
6. Hua Xia Wealth Management helps you amass fortune
Optimize your portfolio anytime, anywhere by calling customer service center for signing up third-party depositary, buy open-end funds, buy wealth management products, trade precious metals, look up electronic T-bond or schedule re-deposit.
7. Use FX Card to trade as you like
Call customer service anytime to check the balances in your FX Card and use the FX in the card to buy/sell foreign exchange, all by a phone!
8. Report loss of account, make sure your money is safe
Lost Hua Xia Card can be reported anytime, no need to worry.
9. Just glance at your fax to check all account details
Statements are available anytime for you to reconcile.
10. Consultancy services specially tailored for you
Call Hua Xia Bank customer service representative anytime for clarification if you have any problem, we are at your services all year round.
11. VIP Line, Exclusive for You
Dedicated line for VIP customers, tailored voice menus, caller binding and VIP value-added services.
12. TPOS settlement by phone, instant receipt and payment
Small-and-medium merchants in large or medium-sized wholesaling markets can bind the fixed phone payment device to the bank settlement account via signing an agreement for the settlement, transfer and enquiry.
13. Hotel and air ticket by Hua Xia card
Just use Hua Xia card or Hua Xia credit card to enjoy a discount in buying domestic air ticket or making hot

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