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The General Shareholders' Meeting is the Bank’s highest governing body that manages and supervises the Bank through the Board of Directors. The President is responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of the Bank under the leadership of the Board of Directors.

Hua Xia Bank is managed under a vertical scheme with “the Headquarter as the highest Corporate Body – Branches – Sub-branches”. The headquarter sits at the top overseeing all the activities of branches and sub-branches. All branches and sub-branches are non-independent corporate bodies running services within the ambit of the headequarter . The Headquarter has the final say in appointing/dismissing the main personnel of all branches and sub-branches, as well as service policy, rules and regulations, foreign affairs.

From 2007 till now, Hua Xia Bank has refined its organizing structure upon careful planning and approval from the Board of Directors. The Bank has newly set up the Credit Risk Management Department, Market and Operational Risk Management Department, Compliance Department, Labor Union, the Headquarter’s Party Committee, and Investment Banking Department. The Human Resources Department is now sharing the same office and resources with the Party Committee. New organizing structure better reflects the operations and management of a modern commercial bank and helps to optimize resource allocation within the Bank, foster the internal control and improve its overall efficiency in operations and administration.
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