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Personal Banking

Personal Banking
The "Prudent-return" Series are RMB financial products issued by Hua Xia Bank to individual investors. The return of the product is backed by T-bonds, policy financial bonds, and Central Bank bills traded on interbank bond market, or is backed by corporate bonds or trust products guaranteed by the financial institutions.
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  • Hua Xia Card
  • Hua Xia FX Card
  • Hua Xia Silver Card
  • Hua Xia Sinobeauty Card
  • Hua Xia Gold Card
  • Hua Xia Platinum Card
  • Hua Xia Diamond Card

Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking
Centralized Payment refers to service arrangement where the payer may pay in one lump sum and yet to multiple payees through Hua Xia Bank. When the payer needs to pay to multiple payees, he/she presents to Hua Xia Bank a check (or TT voucher) and the payment list corresponding to the remittance according to Hua Xia Bank Centralized Payment Agreement signed with Hua Xia Bank. The customer then completes the settlements for remittance to multiple payees.
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