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Shenzhen Branch
Shenzhen Branch

Huaxia Bank opened a branch in Shenzhen on March 18, 1998 amid the rigorous reform taking place in this vibrant city. Over a span of decade the Branch has steadily grown in times with the local economy offering solutions to meet customer demand. By the end of 2007, Huaxia Shenzhen operated through a network of 15 outlets and owned an asset totaled to RMB 26.1 billion. The Branch has a young, professional, highly-qualified team of 400 staff on the payroll and is generating a profit of over RMB 200 million every year. Huaxia Shenzhen is one of the major players in this town amid a market with developed banking sector, fierce competition and tight regulatory oversight.

In recent years after successfully working with overseas strategic investors and going public, Huaxia Shenzhen underwent a turnover stage including a major system overhaul and process re-engineering. Huaxia Shenzhen re-orients its marketing approach to create core competitiveness in stages, beginning from centralized sales platform to sales programs; intensive shift from “4 chains, 5 interactions” to “effective organized sales”; from a profit-centric appraisal scheme to an overall scoring system; from a strategy focusing on quality customer to a tactical approach on products and services.

Huaxia Shenzhen works constantly in recent years to improve leadership through brand maintenance and is now heading the Huaxia family and Shenzhen peers. Huaxia Shenzhen earned the plaudit of “Preferred Top 100 Companies in Shenzhen and Hong Kong” in a poll conducted in 2007 by all the major media in Shenzhen and Hong Kong; and won two titles of “Most Welcomed Joint-Equity Public Bank” and “Most Welcomed RMB Investment Product” in the “Top Bank” ranking by flagship banking media in China.

  • Shenzhen Branch
  • Address:  F1-4,Nanguang Jiejia Building, No.3037, Shennan Middle Rd, Shenzhen
  • Postcode:  518033
  • Tel:  0755-83989001
  • Fax:  0755-83989008
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